Analytical Laboratory Testing for Cannabis Products

How does mold affect cannabis plants?

Molds are members of the fungi family that grow in multicellular filaments called hyphae; there are thousands of species of molds. Mold can cause biodegradation of natural materials, including plant structures. Large green plants provide a hospitable ecosystem for a number of biological organisms, including several types of molds. Certain species of molds seem to have a preference for cannabis plants – and the moisture and heat present in growth environments can cause a mild infestation to become a crop-wide epidemic.

What risks do mold-contaminated products present to consumers?

The consumption of cannabis products contaminated by mold can pose a high risk of danger to consumers, especially for medicinal patients who may have compromised immune systems. Injecting or inhaling a mold-contaminated cannabis product can cause respiratory illness, eye irritation, skin reactions, and serious infections.

The Kanabolytix approach to cannabis product mold testing.

Kanabolytix offers a wide range of microbiology testing services, including characterization of microbial bioburden, total aerobic, total yeast and mold, total coliform, and bio-tolerant gram-negative bacteria. We also offer genetic identification of individual colonies to ensure the absence of pathogenic E. Coli and Salmonella.